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900 Global



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The Sublime has been handcrafted with ALL NEW cover and core technology within the 900 Global product line. This new ball features the Reserve Blend 802 Hybrid Cover, finished with Reacta Gloss, for a versatile option within the 800 Series. Paired with the groundbreaking Immersed Symmetric A.I. Core, which represents countless hours of R&D, the Sublime will give 900 Global the next great reaction shape for those bowlers looking to fill their bag with a new symmetric bowling ball!

IMMERSED SYMMETRIC A.I. CORE - The Immersed Symmetric A.I. Core is the first 900 Global core to feature A.I. Core Technology. By using this groundbreaking process, we can push the limits on RGs and differentials. This means, we have lowered the RG and raised the differential to give you a bowling ball that rolls quicker and creates more surface contact with the lane. In testing, A.I. Core Technology has been seen to strike more on the light pocket hits due to the increased energy distribution. 900 Global fans will see the inner core shape is a new look for the brand. The concave/barbell shape features larger masses at both the north and south poles creating a strong torque effect. This shape of the core means when your pro shop operator drills your thumbhole they won’t remove as much material from the weight block, thus keeping the integrity of the design across multiple drillings.

RESERVE BLEND 802 HYBRID COVERSTOCK - Whatever you’re up against when you step on the lanes, 900 Global has created a bowling ball in the lineup for you. We’ve crafted the Reserve Blend 802 Hybrid Cover to help you score across a variety of patterns. It features a mix of the S84 Response Solid Cover on the Reality and the S70 Pearl Cover on the Wolverine Dark Moss. By combining components from these two successful and dynamic covers into a two-part pearl and one-part solid hybrid fusion, we have created a new shell that can be used on nearly every lane condition.

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