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Carbide Tank

Carbide Tank

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Motivs egna "uretanskal" som skapar mer friktion än en vanligt uretanboll men med mer kontroll än ett reaktivt klot.

Tillverkarens Information:

This Tank™ is unlike any before!  The Carbide Tank™ is a Tour Edition release, armored in the strongest Microcell Polymer (MCP) cover stock to date. 

Following the proven success of the pearl Blue Tank, MOTIV set out to develop an even stronger solid MCP cover that was much closer to reactive resin than traditional urethane.  Frixion M4 is the upgrade deployed on the solid gray Carbide Tank.  This strong Tour Edition ball is built to provide a very smooth motion on the high viscosity oils used in the competitive bowling environment today.

To help resist lane shine, the 1000 grit Carbide Tank shell also features technology to boost the resilience of the dull sanded cover profile.  This enables the solid gray Frixion M4 shell to hold the box finish longer.

The Carbide Tank is driven by the proven symmetric Gear core, which is utilized in the world-renowned Venom Shock.  This core provides a low RG and a moderate differential.  The low RG makes the Carbide Tank rev up faster so it digs early in the oil.  The moderate differential reduces track flare for a more controlled energy release to prevent “roll out”.   

When to use

Speed Dominant - The most speed dominant bowlers will have no trouble using the Carbide Tank in the place of urethane.  Urethane can’t provide enough shape for speed dominant players, but resin can’t offer the control.  The Carbide Tank fills the void for speed dominant players; offering more mid lane control and drilling options than any Tank before. 

Balanced Bowlers - The Carbide Tank serves as a fantastic control option for balanced bowlers.  Clearly stronger than urethane, the Carbide serves as a control option similar to urethane on longer and more blended oil patterns where urethane is not strong enough or can’t carry consistently enough. 

Rev Dominant Bowlers - For bowlers with more rev rate than ball speed on the continuum, the Carbide Tank will be the ultimate control ball for high volumes of oil.  This Tank can tread where others could not without creating the shape down lane.  It’s a mid lane control beast, which paired with a rev dominant bowler means that no puddle is too deep on the lane. 

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